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I loath manuals. I hate them. My antipathy is visceral, I can feel it like a hard knot in my gut. So therefore, for good or ill, I never read the things. I like to open an app or a program and leap straight in.
Of course this can have mixed results. Sometimes it’s fine, almost freeing; especially with simpler apps or ones that just ‘gel’ for you. But some apps are just so deep and complicated that this approach does’t get you very far, in fact it can be downright useless. And sometimes you can have results with an app while still missing half it’s capabilities and pleasures.
So I have decided to choose an App Of The Week, to really investigate and come to grips with. Note that I may choose longer or shorter periods of time depending on the app, I’m not going to tie myself in knots over the ‘week’ idea. I’ve got enough pressure with this track a day thing 🙂
My first App Of The Week will be Addictive Synth.
This is one of those apps that I just loved from the first time I tried it; if you’ve been reading my track descriptions you will have seen it’s name pop up regularly. But it’s been so easy for me to find sounds I love in it that I’ve only brushed the surface, and it’s time to dig in deep and see what I find.
I’m thinking that I’ll report back when I reach some conclusions.

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