Day 32: Sunday 27 Sept 2015

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A Soundscape.

I began with a jam I did with Thor using one of Jacob Haq’s wonderful bell presets. If you don’t already, I highly recommend that you get to The Soundtestroom and follow his awesome and fun series. The bell sounds are a give away, so here is a taster of his work: giving away 64 Bell presets. Highly, highly HIGHLY recommended.

So I took that jam and slowed it, and reversed it, and blended both versions in Auria. Then I added some Cyclop for extra soundscapy goodness. Next I visited my folder of Field recordings and added a heavily processed recording of children playing, and an unprocessed recording of a crowded cafe (in Trondheim, hence the name).

The Video:

A series of jpegs I made using PicFrame were added to Pinnacle Studio and sequenced in a few ways, these movies were then added back to PicFrame and the resulting movies were put back into Pinnacle before a final run through CinemaFXV.


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