Day 40: Monday 5 Oct 2015

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Dance Macabre:

A Soundscape.

Today I fired up Figure in AudioShare and loaded Caramel and Dedalus into the effect slots. My aim was to give the Figure sounds a little less of an electro dance, and more of an industrial sort of vibe. I did four jams with this setup, changing sounds etc slightly each time.

I was happy with these Beatscapes but realised that I was more in a Soundscape mood, so I imported one of these into Borderlands. Then I added one of the feedback recordings I had done in Dedalus a few days ago; and then a heavily processed Drone that I had made last week using Arpeggist, Addictive Synth, iMini, TwistedWave, Dedalus, Borderlands, and a breaking glass recording.

I made three recordings jamming with these files.

The last one hit the spot; all that was needed was a little AUFX:Dub applied occasionally.

The Video:

I could see what sort of video I wanted in my minds eye but it was a little tricky to achieve 🙂

I filmed myself dancing using VideoPro and trimmed off the walking in and out of shot in Pinnacle Studio. Then I processed these files multiple times in Generate and Glitch Wizard, and loaded these into a couple of layouts in Vidibox.

However I just used some of the Generate and Glitch Wizard files in the end; sequencing them with titles and a transition or two in Pinnacle. And then the all important CinemaFXV to tie it all together.

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  • tlalinne on October 5, 2015

    This video is very successful. Together with the soundscape it releases something very uncomfortable. I love that.

    • Author
      Grant on October 7, 2015

      Thank you so much. I’m glad it works 🙂

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