Day 42: Weds 7 Oct

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A Soundscape.

Todays track is all about AnalogKit the new modular app from Bitcount.

I’m hugely interested and intrigued by all ways of music making, and analogue modular synthesis is no exception. If I could afford it I’d be delving into that world for sure. But in the meantime there are a number of apps that take the same approach, and Analogkit is the newest.

I hope to spend some time learning how to use this app but so far it’s all greek to me 🙂

However there are some very talented people making and sharing projects which noobies like me can use from within the app, and thats what I’ve done today. If you have Analogkit and want to try these for yourself I used ‘Randomness Cubed’ and ‘Lemon Cello’  by Red Sky Lullaby (keep a look out for his presets in other apps as they are always great), and ‘Drum Sequencer Mod 001’ by Apptronica.

Basically I played around with each preset, then loaded Analogkit into AudioShare with some effects (Caramel, AltiSpace, and ApeDelay), and jammed away to my hearts content. Then I loaded them into Auria where I arranged, and cut up, and manipulated, and eliminated until I arrived at the conclusion you can hear.


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1 Comment

  • tlalinne on October 7, 2015

    Thank you Grant! Very inspiring.

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