Day 43: Thursday 8 Oct 2015

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I Got Nothing:

A Beatscape with vocal.

I began today’s track with a recording of my voice into the iPads built in mike. I then loaded that file into Sector and recorded it twice through different projects. I liked both and thought I’d try to layer them, so into Auria it was; they worked well together but needed more…

I have been going through my AudioShare files with a view to organise them in some sort of useable way, as well as make space on my iPad; an important and constant concern…

And…as I sat back and considered this piece, I remembered a file from April that I had recorded using iKaossilator, Dedalus, and Soundscaper…

So, I imported that into the Auria project, did a little rearranging and cropping, and voila!

The Video:

Pinnacle Studio, Generate. PicFrame, CinemaFXV.

PS Musing

I am aware that a formula is developing here; and that the videos sometimes match well with the music and sometimes..less well.

Time constraints are a factor here, but I hope to meld the two together more consistently.



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