Day 49: Weds 14 Oct 2015

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Beating Against The Cliffs:

A Soundscape.

Today a short break from my Fugue Machine Project, that is still progressing, but I’m working on a number of things at a time.

So this is a track that began in AnalogKit with a Drum Sequencer made by the very talented Clif Johnston of Apptronica Labs.

Check out his projects in the Swap Meet if you have AnalogKit.

Also check out his music at mood481; and indeed have a look at the Apptronica label for a look at some of the best iPad and iPhone musicians on the planet.

After recording a jam into AudioShare, I selected the best bit (the last third), and transferred that into Auria where I added some files from Hexaglypics, did some chopping and arranging and voila!

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