Day 51: Friday 16 Oct 2015

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Nigel Notwithstanding:

A Soundscape.

Continuing My Fugue Machine project, which is really taking on a life of it’s own.

To recap I am using one pattern in Fugue Machine and treating it in varying ways to see what I come up with. The great thing about Fugue Machine is it has 4 playheads that run over the notes you set up; at varying speeds and with other varying parameters. So you already have a subtly changing landscape of notes and harmonies.

I have named the pattern ‘Nigel’ and henceforth that shall be the identifying tag of all tracks associated with the project. I shall even go back to the four tracks already posted and include Nigel in the titles so we can identify them.

Today I continued and refined the approach taken in yesterdays post i.e. Nigel controlled four synths that I set up in Audiobus using MiMix as the mixer, and recorded a jam while I manipulated the levels and pans of each sound. Today I also manipulated some of the individual synth parameters. I also spent more time constructing and matching my own patches.

As a side note this has exposed a real weakness in my iPad and electronic music making. I really have not spent enough with my synths: working out how they work, making my own patches, building my own sonic world. This must change.

Anyway today I used Alchemy, Addictive Synth, Magellan, and Animoog. The only synth that used an included patch was Alchemy.

IMG_1383 IMG_1385

I really feel that I’m getting somewhere with this.

Hope you like it.

The Video:

I have also been using the same starting vid for each of these tracks. Today I messed with it in my usual suite of apps: Pinnacle Studio, Generate, PicFrame, and CinemaFXV.

Peace Out.

See You Spoon.


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