Day 55: Tuesday 20 Oct 2015

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Give Me All Your Money:

I don’t know how to categorise this. Is it genre able?

I did a jam in Alchemy, just using some presets, I don’t really know how to use Alchemy, but it has some great sounds (yet another app that I need to learn). Then I added AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub, looped it, and jammed while turning Dub on and off, and playing with the frequency slider.

Next I loaded both into Auria and used the unaffected version as an intro and outro. Then I added one of yesterdays Granular Borderlands files and cut it up and distributed it around the track.

Now I felt it needed some words or vocals so I called upon the British Female voice in iSpeech TTS. I composed a little lyric/poem/rap for her, slowed it down by 80% in TwistedWave, and added some AUFX:Space and Dub. I used both the effected and the straight versions, and again cut up and distributed them about the track to make the composition.

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  • James B on October 20, 2015

    Finally finished catching up on back episodes…”back tracking” so to speak (ha!)
    now just sitting back and enjoying 4 mins(or so) of “who knows what will happen today.


    • Author
      Grant on October 21, 2015

      Thank you so much James! Your support has really lifted my spirits.

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