Day 64: Thursday 29 Oct 2015

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Encroaching Winter:

Abstract Beatscape with bass.

Another play with Alchemy. This app just seems to click with me; I get something interesting going almost immediately. One track is a minimal beatscape, two are almost abstract synths, and one is a bassline. I loaded the jam into Auria and rearranged the ending a little.

The Video:

This was fun. Procreate is my favourite drawing/painting app and one of it’s features is the ability to save a movie of your changes as you create a piece. So today I drew some fairly random stuff, using only black and white, working backwards and forwards in layers. Then I saved it as a video, loaded it into Pinnacle Studio and slowed it WAY down. Then I ran it through CinemaFXV for texture, Generate for extra movement, back to Pinnacle for titles, and back to CinemaFXV for more texture.

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