Day 71: Thursday 5 Nov 2015

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Into The Long Dusk:

I guess it’s a Soundscape; there is some guitar and some bass, but I still think they exist within the Soundscape rather than making it something else. Any thoughts?

Today I began with iPulseret, a great granular app; but as I built up elements around that beginning, the whole thing moved in another direction and I eventually had to remove the initial framework. It’s funny how it sometimes works that way.

I used a guitar file from an abandoned project recorded with ToneStack, then I added two Soundscaper tracks and two CubeSynth tracks, and finally I added a sparse bassline with iFretless. It was a mess.

But when I removed the iPulseret tracks (thanks to some great advice from my amazing wife Lene) the whole thing suddenly swam into focus, and just needed a few tweaks to finish off.

I still love those IPulseret tracks by the way, maybe I’ll start with them again tomorrow and see what happens.

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1 Comment

  • James B on November 5, 2015

    Funny how song evolution can go sometimes…
    Thanks again for the tracks, description, and the musings.
    Helps me remember…
    Instead of seeing one song with 8 tracks and too many ingredients that aren’t working well together (wallowing in the mud or worse tossing the whole thing). See 8 new seeds/songs to choose from and pursue.
    Carry on,

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