Day 72: Friday 6 Nov 2015

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Nigel Hasn’t the Foggiest Idea:


Todays Nigel is closely related to Day 69’s post, which included 3 tracks with different patches from Waldorfs Nave at 300bpm.

Today I have experimented with combining different speeds. 4 different Nave patches: 1 at 60bpm, 1 at 120bpm, and two at 240bpm. Plus I have also experimented with adding a simple drumbeat, from DM1 at 60bpm. They were all recorded into AudioShare and then added to Auria for arranging etc. Nigel (if you haven’t been following the series) is a pattern in Fugue Machine.

I think this is my favourite Nigel so far.

The Video:

Two days ago it was foggy at 7am when I walked the dog and it remained foggy all day. Something I’m just not used to; after a year in Norway I still find the weather very exotic.

I took these photos and movies as we drove up the valley to home about 4pm. I thought they would suit this music. Filmed on my iPhone in ProCamera and complied in Pinnacle Studio.

Peace Out.



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  • JB on November 6, 2015


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