Day 74: Sunday 8 Nov 2015

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Introducing Dr Reverb E.R. & The Nation:

A Soundscape.

I was lucky enough (thank you Stuart) to pick up a promo code for Reverb – Feedback Delay Network from Amazing Noises today, and given that one of my favourite apps Dedalus is from the same company I was keen to jump straight in and give it a go. I was not disappointed.

I immediately loaded a drumbeat that I made last year (I can’t remember what app I used this was before I started keeping a work diary) and played with it, within a half an hour I had four jams that I loved. I took the third of these and used AudioShare to add a little AUFX:Dub here and there.

Then I took the recording I made yesterday in TC11 and loaded that into Reverb FDN for a little reverb loving and a little slowing down. Finally I loaded them both into Auria for arranging and mixing.

The Video:

I downloaded VidBlend last night and used it here, along with Pinnacle Studio, Generate, CinemaFXV and Vjay.

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