Day 78: Thursday 12 Nov 2015

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On Your Way:

There’s drums…there’s droney soundscapey stuff…oh and I’m ‘singing’ again…

I began this track in Auria by recording a Patterning beat, a drone from Addictive Synth, and then singing this old lyric. It needed more so I added another Patterning drumbeat. Still not happy I added 4 tracks of Poseidon drones that I had made last night and this morning.

I then added Sector and Reverb FDN to AudioShare‘s recorder and imported the file of my singing into Sector. I recorded a few takes but only liked a few bits, so I cut them out and added them to Auria. I also cut out one line of the vocal, slowed it and pitched it down a fifth in TwistedWave, and added it.

Now for a very important part of my workflow, I gave it to my Wonderful Wife for a trial listening…and after her comments I removed the Addictive Synth drone entirely and thinned out the others; thus opening up some breathing space. Big improvement!

I hope you like it.

Peace Out.


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