Day 79: Friday 13 Nov 2015

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The Purpose:

A Beatscape with vocals.

I’m not singing today so you can relax. Just speaking some lines over a beatscape 🙂

iMaschine 2 was released today so I began by making a simple beat; to feel my way into the app. I then effected that with Dedalus and Reverb FDN, added it to Auria and added two tracks of Poseidon for weird droney madness. Finally I wrote some words and added them straight into a track in Auria with a little inbuilt reverb. Oh and I forgot iSem for the simple baseline.

The Video:

I made a quick film of the timeline in Auria, just by holding my iPhone up to the screen for a minute or so, using ProCamera. Then effected that a few times in CinemaFXV, combined all of those in Pinnacle Pro as Pinnacle Studio is now called, ran it through Generate twice with different effects, blended those in Vjay, blended the result with an earlier version, again in Vjay, and ran it once more through CinemaFXV.

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