Day 81: Sunday 15 Nov 2015

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Yet Another Miss Understanding:


This track began in Patterning, a simple and slow beat at 60 bpm which I recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Space and Dedalus. I then recorded three variations using different drum kits. All four were imported to Auria and mixed and arranged.

I then took a portion of this mix into TwistedWave to edit, and then looped in with AUFX:Dub occasionally adding a little of it’s dubby magic.

Next I went to Poseidon for a drone with a (very) little harmonic movement; and for that high sound; and that almost overheard but unintelligible vocalish thing.

The Video:

Filmed the iPad screen with the iPhone using ProCamera, filmed the two of them with another iPhone, mixed the clips in Pinnacle Pro, and ran them through CinemaFXV a couple of times.


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