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A little look at the current studio.

The laptop is solely for admin duties at the moment; uploading to SoundCloud and YouTube, posting to the blog through WordPress (none of these is working consistently on the iPad at the moment), helping clear space on the iPad my transferring and cataloguing to the external drive (this bit is more intended than actual) etc.

All music making and recording so far has been done on the iPad and/or the iPhones.

All videos too.

The notebook is indispensable, it is my working diary; I log my progress each day and record what has happened. I often return to files recoded earlier and this reminds what I’ve done when. I also jot down thoughts, notes, musings, and lyric ideas as they arise. And yes I use the highlighters daily too 🙂

I don’t have studio monitors or even proper headphones, they are on my list. As is a multichannel audio interface; I do have the iRig Pro for single channel recording but it’s been causing me grief so it’s in the doghouse.

Things I do have that haven’t seen much use lately but which I may incorporate: an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a MicroBrute, a PolyEvolver, a 49 key midi controller, a mike, guitar pedals and modeller, Logic 8, Ableton Live, and a Maschine.

Also soon to arrive from Australia; my favourite bass and my mandolin.

Plenty to be going on with 🙂

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