Day 88: Sunday 22 Nov 2015

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Nigel Keeps A Weather Eye Out:


Yes Nigel returns. My ongoing project of doing many things with one project in Fugue Machine. Today I used 80 bpm and began by clothing Nigel in one of favourite Addictive Synth presets. Then I loaded up Poseidon and searched for some sounds that I thought would work; I did this by hitting the random button until I was happy with something, recording it with Nigel in AudioShare or within Poseidon for 5 minutes or so, then moving on. When I had 7 files to choose from I loaded them all into Auria and had a play. In the end I used the Addictive Synth sound as the basis and brought the others in and out for extra colour, form, and texture.

The Video:

One photo of a bridge through the fog taken with ProCamera on my iPhone, loaded into Pinnacle Studio and very slowly panned. The titles were done in Procreate and Phonto. When assembled I ran it through CinemaFXV.

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