Day 95: Sunday 29 Nov 2015

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Bald Headed Prophet:

Soundscape with vocal.

This track began in Cyclop with a noise patch that I made months ago, I changed the sample which is at the heart of it to Day 93’s ‘Profit Of The Bored’ (so this track already utilises all the apps from that track: iSpeech TTS, AudioShare, Altispace, TwistedWave, Patterning, Dedalus, Poseidon, Auria, and PhaseRings) and recorded a take into AudioShare with Dedalus, AltiSpace, and AUFX:Dub before slowing it a lot in TwistedWave and putting it into Auria.

Next I loaded the vocal from ‘Profit of the Bored’ into Sector and did two takes with different settings, loaded them into Auria, and added some synth hits from Addictive Synth.

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