Day 109: Sunday 13 Dec 2015

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A slow piece of electronica with Spoken Word.

Figure was the start of this; I made an 8 bar piece at 80 bpm and reversed it with TwistedWave before taking both into Auria and arranging the pieces. I effected some parts with Dedalus, and some with Emo Chorus. I also took a drums only version of the Figure file and arranged that along the timeline.

So far it sounded fine, but I must admit I find using apps like Figure and iKaossilator a little difficult, they are fun but the results tend towards an EDM thing that gets just a little too poppy for my tastes. I need to tweak things for a darker vibe I guess. And if you’ve been following my posts you may well guess what I did next, that’s right…

‘If in doubt, Slow it down’.

It was already quite slow at 80 bpm but I slowed it by 80% in TwistedWave giving a bpm of 56, not to mention a slight robotic tinge as an artefact of the algorithm, which I love.

I opened a new project in Auria, imported this new file, and added a file of me reading a poem which I had recorded into AudioShare. I felt I had read it a little fast for this context so I slowed it 90% which gave it a better feel. Finally I did a little arranging.

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  • Anonymous on December 13, 2015

    Nice touch.
    Just my speed.

    • Author
      Grant on December 14, 2015


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