Day 110: Mon 14 Dec 2015

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Hunter & Hunted:

An Ambient Drone Beatscape piece with Spoken Word. How’s that for a mix.

Wow, this one took all day!

Bear with me while I go through my thinking and process.

I began with FM1 (I love FM synthesis and for some reason haven’t used it much of late). I played around trying out patches and fiddling and jamming until I found a bass drone that I loved and a melody that went with it. I jammed this into Auria along with a simple drum beat that I cooked up in DM1 for the occasion.

(It took 4 or 5 goes until I got it right but let’s never speak of that again).

Next I cut these up and arranged them in a pleasing way…

It was okay, but it wasn’t yet a ‘thing’.

I decided to duplicate the drum beat to effect it but I accidentally misplaced it on the timeline…AWESOME sound…(ok let’s pretend I meant to do that and move on)…

Duplicate the beat again re original intention 🙂

SO… now I’ve got a slow bass drone and three mixed and panned tracks of drums that sound good…but not great…not yet a ‘thing’…

How about I load the bass drone into TwistedWave and raise it by an octave…and by another octave…and by another fifth…

…yeah I’m liking it.

But I’m not Loving it.

Where is the ‘thing’?

I went back to DM1 and added a bass drum only version of the drum beat for emphasis…


My wonderful wife suggested I try PhaseRings…what a great idea!

I jammed two tracks and panned them hard left and right…

Nearly there…

Finally I reached into my folder of poems and lyrics, which I have read into AudioShare with AltiSpace, and chose one that I thought would fit. I put it into TwistedWave and slowed it by 86%, and then spent AGES fitting it into the track.

Oh, and there was some other drum arranging too…

It became one of my most complicated tracks to make so far, but I’m really happy with it.


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