Day 118: Tuesday 22 Dec 2015

Audio, Beatscape, Featuring Trudi McBoody, Spoken Word, Tracks No Comment

About Face:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word.

I began today in Patterning where I made a beat and recorded it into AudioShare with Dedalus, using my usual technique of jamming while muting and soloing the different parts to make a composition. I then ran it through AUFX:Dub adding a little spice here and there. Then I did it again with a different setting in Dub. Then a third time but with FLUX:FX this time.

Then I put it into Auria and added a bassline courtesy of Addictive Synth, also with Flux:FX.

I also added a Theremin style lead part using Addictive Synth.

Next I wrote a vocal line and typed it into iSpeech TTS. From there I followed my usual procedure and effected it with AUFX:Space and slowed it down in TwistedWave, and then distributed it around the timeline in Auria.

For a final touch I recorded myself adding an additional line or two.

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