Day 119: Weds 23 Dec 2015

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Staring Agamemnon In The Face:

I began today by making a beat in ElasticDrums and jamming it at 80 bpm into Auria with Dedalus and AltiSpace, then running it through AUFX:Dub turning the effect on here and there.

Then I repeated the process but at 40 bpm.

Next I loaded the effected 80 bpm file, and both the effected and uneffected 40 bpm’s into Auria where I panned, mixed, and arranged them into a Beatscape.

I felt a little more was needed so I opened up Alchemy and used my favourite drum kit to add some cavernous hits. While I was in Alchemy I decided to add the occasional synth swell, and then a bassline.

Now it sounded less like a Beatscape and more like a song, so I decided to try adding some words.

I opened up Evernote where I have lists: of song ideas, interesting words, and possible titles. I managed to write a stanza so I opened up iSpeech TTS and gave it to Trudi McBoody (the female British voice) and the male british voice. I loaded them into AudioShare and added a little Reverb FDN, then opened them in TwistedWave to slow them by 80% (I find this gives them a little more realism). Next I decided to add my own voice so I recited it in AudioShare with Reverb and slowed it down. The next step was to open them in their own Auria project and align all the phrases before adding the combined file into the main project for the final step of arranging the vocals on the timeline.

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