Day 144: Sunday 17 Jan 2016

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A Vocalscape, a Soundscape.

Today was one of those days where I spent ages making something that eventually got all but removed from the track.

I made a vocal recording with AudioShare and AltiSpace, loaded it into Borderlands Granular, slowed the resulting file in TwistedWave, effected it with Emo Chorus, and separately with FLUX:FX, mixed them all in Auria, then loaded the result into TwistedWave and slowed and lowered it.

The resulting file became the backbone for this track only to be cut up and mostly erased from the final product.

I now made a ‘vocal’ track with iSpeech TTS, AudioShare, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave. Then ran it through Sector and Borderlands Granular. Loaded them all into Auria for cutting up and arranging.

Next I added a lead line from Poseidon, another from Grain Science, and an organ from Lyra.

Now is when I realised that the initial sound was holding things back so I removed most of it.

And finally I loaded both basic vocal tracks as a coda.

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