Day 156: Friday 29 Jan 2016

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Shut Up And Ampersand:

A Beatscape with Spoken Word. That seems to be thing lately 🙂

I have a few Sector files sitting around that I have made using different drum apps; for the purpose of cutting them up into arrangeable chunks. I took one of these, made using a heavily distorted DM1, and cut out some promising sounds which I loaded into Patterning and made a beat. I jammed this beat into AudioShare and treated it with Dedalus, then loaded it into Auria and used it as the backbone for today’s track.

I had earlier sung some half prepared words into AudioShare with Altispace as effect. Not as a final recording but as a memory aid for the rhythm and phrasing, I decided to load this into Borderlands Granular to use as a carpet of sound for the beat. The resulting file was slowed by 50% in TwistedWave, and both versions put into Auria and mixed low with lots of reverb.

I had also earlier given some classic B grade movie cliches to Trudi (if you haven’t been following along Trudi is a fictional character I have been developing, voiced with iSpeech TTS, AltiSpace, and TwistedWave), I now loaded these and sprinkled them along the timeline.

The final two elements were a drone from Addictive Synth and some piano chords from Lyra.


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