Day 164: Saturday 6 Feb 2016

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Sometimes Softly:

A Soundscape utilising a field recording.

Sometimes it’s difficult, sometimes it’s not, sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s soft. Sometimes it takes many apps, sometimes only a few, or even just one.

I am having a crisis of confidence and a loss of faith. I no longer feel my measly efforts are worthwhile. I don’t know what to do next. I am paralysed by doubt.

This is not an unusual place for me to be, I recognise these surroundings, I know them well.

Keep moving, that’s the key.

What makes music, what makes a track, what makes a song?

The recording was made with Røde Rec on my iPhone; footsteps in snow, cars driving by, an engine running, a dog barking, wind. And something else; I don’t know what. Collaged in Auria.


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  • Laura Gutman on February 8, 2016

    Your musical output is astonishing to me, and your dedication to a track a day. I can imagine you losing momentum this far into such a massive project, nowhere near the beginning or the end. But I hope you continue. (For me, if I can plow on through a time like this, that’s when the truly interesting inspirations start coming. Everything before that is usually something I’ll look back on later and say, “yup, trite”.)

    I love what you come up with, the different approaches to texture and mood. It inspires me to look further in my definition on “what is music”? I might say I’m working on a “piece”, like a “piece of music”, which then means that there’s some vast amazing music-sphere out there and I’m a crazy person with a butterfly net trying to snag pieces of it.

    Just wanted you to know someone is listening and appreciating.

    • Author
      Grant on February 10, 2016

      Thank you for the kind words Laura. It’s great to know that someone is tuning in, it can feel like I’m talking to myself and working in a vacuum sometimes.

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