Day 165: Sunday 7 Feb 2016

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Sooner Or Later (Pessimism Edit):

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

This began with Arpeggist and Addictive Synth. Once I had something I liked, I loaded Addictive into Auria along with Poseidon and TF7, designed matching sounds in each synth, and recorded them all playing the slow sparse arpeggio. I also copied two of the synths to new tracks. applied some distortion with Muckraker, and panned them.

The beat is from Patterning, I knew I wanted something simple with only a few variations.

Next I loaded up MitoSynth for the ghostly slow lead sound (I don’t often use presets, preferring to make my own, but this suited the track so well).

I pasted the lyrics to iSpeech TTS, slowed them in Twistedwave and added some AltiSpace in AudioShare; but when I added them to the track I was unhappy with them so they got relegated to backing vocals.

The final touch was me reading the lyrics straight into Auria with reverb and delay from the inbuilt effects.

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