Day 181: Tuesday 23 Feb 2016

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So Low (Setting #3):

A Beatscape with Spoken Word.

What is a Beatscape I hear you ask? If you are new to this blog it is a fair question. A Beatscape is made entirely or mostly from drums or a drum machine, and comes from a Soundscape perspective.

Why Spoken Word Grant? Because I have a dodgy singing voice of course. And because there is a long history of spoken word and music joining together in many formats and over many centuries. I’m just trying to find a way to do it that makes sense for me.

Thanks for asking dear listener.

The beat is from iSpark with a little help from Cube Synth. They were assembled in Auria along with the spoken word piece that I had previously recorded using AudioShare and AltiSpace; but which I today reversed with TwistedWave, added delay with AUFX:Dub, and then reversed back.

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