Day 211: Friday 25 March 2016

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Scratching At The Dawn:

Ambient Beatscape.

This is a combination of just two elements, both of which could be a track on its own I feel, but together they are better still.

First I made the beatscape using Patterning set to 20 bpm for a slow and sparse feel. Recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Dub (using the Drifting Loop preset) while muting and unmuting parts.

Second I did a jam with Cube Synth using a similar technique ie recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Dub; but this time I switched between three different bass patches in Cube Synth that I had made earlier.

Both times it took two or three attempts before I got a composition that I was happy with.

I made them one after the other and they felt like they belonged together so I loaded both into Auria and bingo!

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