Day 213: Sunday 27 March 2016

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Cat Gut (Your Tongue):


Something a little different today, a piano based track that feels to me like a movie soundtrack.

I began today by experimenting with YouCompose, a generative music app that you can set to give you either a classical or a jazz form. I must admit I’m not too sure if this sort of thing is up my alley, but I thought it might be a good learning tool, or at least provide some material to build from or to pull apart.

So I set it to generate a 3 movement classical piece and then I fiddled with the instruments and parameters until I got something I kind of liked. Then I exported the midi files into Auria and assigned each of the 4 parts to a piano sound, because it sounded best that way.

Next I slowed each movement in TwistedWave and then added Dedalus and Crystalline.

The second movement was working the best so I decided to concentrate on that. I reversed it and added the three variations into Auria ie the uneffected slowed version, the effected slowed version, and the reversed effected slowed version.

Once I had these three in place I did some cutting and pasting to fine tune theĀ composition a little more to my taste.


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