Day 214: Monday 28 March 2016

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All Will Be Still:

An Ambient Beatscape with Spoken Word.

Today began with Xynthesizr which I enjoy but don’t use often; I made three ‘songs’ with related scales and bpm’s and jammed them into AudioShare, switching between them and altering parameters as I went. I did this twice and got good but quite different results both times which I effected with Dedalus.

Next I put both into Auria and combined them along with a simple beat from iSpark, again jamming between settings as I recorded. Next I cut out one bass drum hit and repeated it occasionally in it’s own track and effected it with Crystalline.

I felt it needed something more, something abstract; so I turned to iDensity which I loaded with a Module electric piano track in all 4 positions. The result of that was feed into Grain Science and effected with Crystalline and Bias FX. This was then added to Auria and arranged.

The final ingredient was the vocals, I wrote the words and then recorded them using AudioShare, AUFX:Peak, and AltiSpace.


The Video:

iColorama, HyperDroste, PicFrame, Pinnacle Pro, CinemaFXV. In that order 🙂

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