Day 222: Weds 6 April 2016

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Jason’s Magic Flute (The Cast Assembles):

The story of Jason’s flute sample continues. DJ Puzzle supplied a sample of himself playing the Bansuri flute and I’m seeing what I can make of it.

In this track I’ve loaded the sample into Patterning for some manipulation and beat making, I’ve also revisited yesterday’s iSpark beat but added some more to it. I recorded both into Auria at the same time while muting/unmuting parts of iSpark and playing some sounds manually.

I had previously recorded the Patterning beat into AudioShare with Dedalus while doing the muting/unmuting thing, and I loaded this file into Grain Science and got an almost metallic feedback sound that I adore. I ran it through TwistedWave to slow it and add a little more texture, then added it to the Auria project. A little cutting and arranging completed the composition.


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