Day 223: Thursday 7 April 2016

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Leviathan Letting Go:

Today I have done something that I don’t often do; I have used some loops from a loop pack. Specifically from a LaunchPad pack. I personally feel that my music is more authentically mine if I make my own sounds so i’m uncomfortable using other peoples loops, however I do have a few packs and I do enjoy playing with them in apps like LaunchPad, particularly if I can do something unusual with them.

Anyway I was messing around yesterday and recorded a jam/mix that I enjoyed, so today I loaded it into Auria and added some of my own sounds and beats and came up with this track which I quite enjoy. I hope you do too.

First the initial Launchpad jam was treated with Dedalus, then I added some iSpark and two tracks from Patterning.

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