Day 231: Friday 15 April 2016

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Pop Fix #2:

A Beatscsape. This is the second in a planned series of shorter, easier ie poppier pieces.

I used iMaschine again here, though this was the original version that I still have on my iPhone. You have probably noticed that I’m not adverse to reusing pieces, and this was used a few weeks ago but I cant remember where. Anyway this time I have featured this iMaschine project as the main indeed only element. I rejammed into AudioShare muting and unmuting parts as usual to make the composition, with Dedalus as an effect. Then again with apeDelay and DubFilter as effects. Next I imported both into Auria mixing the heavily effected version lower in volume. Finally I doubled the effected version in a new track, panned them left and right and applied the PSP StereoChorus plugin to one side.

That was it, simple, short, and sweet. My personal definition of  Pop 🙂

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