Day 244: Thursday 28 April 2016

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A treat for you today, three tracks in one! In fact I’m so happy with today’s work that I may release it as an EP; the tracks are so different but they make up a greater whole.

That’s my thought and my hope anyway 🙂

Part One…is an Ambient piece made with Shoom, iMaschine 2, and Auria.

Part Two…is a Vocalscape based around a poem that I read into AudioShare before running it through: Borderlands Granular, Sector, and Samplr. Each resulting file was added to Auria for arranging along with an abstract jam that I made in Addictive Synth.

Part Three…has three tracks of guitar played into Auria using BiasFX along with a track of drums from Patterning and some effecting from FLUX:FX.

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I have had this poem sitting around for a couple of months waiting for a place to use it and this morning after I had made first the ambient and then the guitar pieces, I just ‘knew’ that a vocalscape made from it would fit in the middle and tie everything together.

Hope you like it.

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