Day 245: Friday 29 April 2016

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Alchemy A Day #4:

Some kind of slow and funky electronica today. Specific genre unknown. If you know give me a shout.

I have began making a series of quick and dirty tracks in both Alchemy and iMaschine. Both apps have four channels or tracks or sounds to work with and I find that plenty, and both apps I find easy and fun to play with and I almost always get something worth while from the fun. I have some other similar apps and will probably expand the idea to them. But the idea is that I play with the app and record whatever comes out, then just accept that and leave it. No moving it to other apps and effecting it and using one hundred apps to build an idea (though of course I love doing that). Just one app, one project/file, one jam into AudioShare, and move on. Simple, fast, and dirty.

Well it’s one way to work anyway 🙂

So I’m calling them ‘Alchemy A Day’ and ‘iMachine A Day’ (not that I’m committing to do one every day mind) and this the fourth of the Alchemy series.

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