Day 256: Tuesday 10 May 2016

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Trudi Muses #1 (Clementine):

Today is a bit of an experiment for me in a couple of ways.

Firstly I began by playing with Blocs Wave which I bought as soon as it came out but had never gotten around to using before, in fact I could’t even remember what sort of app it was so I began by watching a few vids before I plunged in.

If you don’t know; Blocs Wave is a looper app by Novation who also brought us LaunchPad which I have used a few times in this blog. Now I’m not really a huge user of looper apps like these, especially using the inbuilt loops or the in-app-purchase sound packs, mainly because it’s hard to feel something is yours if it’s made up exclusively of other peoples loops. I do it from time to time though. Both LaunchPad and Blocs Wave allow you to import your own loops into them and Blocs Wave allows you to record as you are playing, and that is where they both get very interesting to me. But for today, as I had my first feel around with the app, I did use the built in loops, and I must say I had a ball. I love the way this app works and I can imagine many ways of using it in the future.

I loaded loops at random until I got a combination that I liked then recorded a jam into AudioShare with Dedalus and FLUX:FX in the effects chain. Then I started from scratch and did it again. Next, and this was really to assuage my guilt about using pre-made loops and to make it sound a little more like me, I put them into TwistedWave and slowed them by 80%.

Now I had two loops with the same key and BPM but with different feels because of the different drum and percussion loops used, so I decided to load then into Auria and see if they made sense together (I suspected that they would). I arranged them by going backwards and forwards between them as I felt fit, and though I liked the results I felt there was more lurking within this track.

The next step was to include a simple beat from Patterning to tie everything together.

The final element I added was the words and this is where the second experiment came in.

If you are a regular ‘Tracker’ you will know that when I add words I sometimes speak or ‘sing’ them myself and I sometimes use the Female UK English voice in iSpeech TTS. In fact I’ve used her so much that I call her Trudi and have developed a character and ongoing back story for her. Well she put in an appearance today but instead of reading a lyric or poem I gave her part of a musing that I have been writing, a little autobiographical rambling on my childhood and road to music making. I wasn’t sure if this would work, and though I’ve had it mind for a while I’ve kept putting it off, but today was the day.

Anyway I’m really happy with the results and I hope that you enjoy.

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