Day 257: Weds 11 May 2016

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Cast Off/Cast Away:

I began with Patterning today, recording to AudioShare with ApeFilter and FLUX:FX, building the beat up with the effects until I was happy with it; jamming as I went until eventually I got the arrangement I needed. I then loaded that into Auria where I recorded a bass drum only version to another track (effected with Caramel), and another bass drum only version (effected with FLUX:FX). I panned them both left and right and mixed them low enough to just provide a little edge.

Next came the guitars; three tracks recorded via BiasFX with different settings. And the bass; two tracks also via BiasFX. I had no plan here and no idea what I wanted but I found the end result pleasing so I have left it as it is.

To finish off I ran the final mix through TwistedWave to slow it by 70% which began to really sound like the sounds in my head and my gut.

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