Day 300: Thursday 23 June 2016

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More Downtempo Electronica this time courtesy of iKaossilator. Like Figure which I use yesterday it’s a fun little easy to use app that is really geared towards EDM style things. Another such app that I have used occasionally is Auxy. They each take a different approach, they all have their limitations but that adds to their charm I think. With all of them I usually attempt to subvert their EDMish paradigm, typically by using slower tempos, effecting them, or cutting and arranging them in Auria, perhaps placing them in an unusual space.

Today was a fairly straight forward take on the idea. I began by making a song in iKaossillator at 90 bpm and then jamming it into AudioShare (by muting and unmuting the 5 parts) with DubFilter and Dedalus in the effects chain. Then I loaded it into Dedalus and recorded it at 0.80 sample rate therefore lowering slightly and giving a final bpm of 72, not super slow by my standards but certainly providing a laid back sort of groove which I prefer.

Thanks for listening trackers and may all your days find you in a funky laid back groove 🙂

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