Musing on Day 300 and Thank You All

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Well, it is day 300 of this Track A Day odyssey. It feels like I’m almost finished though there are still 65 tracks to make. Whew!
I must admit to being a little tired and to more than once regretting embarking on this journey in the first place.
It has however been very useful to me, not least in helping me overcome my chronic procrastination problem (though I am still procrastinating on reading manuals), but also it has helped me focus on the sounds that I like and on the sort of tracks I would like to aim for in the future. That alone makes it a useful exercise and a successful venture in my book.
I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to my beautiful and wonderful wife Lene without whose love and support nothing at all would be possible.
Also a huge thank you to those few but intrepid souls who have been following this journey. Knowing that you are listening has provided much needed incentive and kept me going when things got hard.
Also thank you to the amazing people at the iPad Musicians Group on Facebook who have provided encouragement, friendship, knowledge, and above all fun.
We’re nearly there Trackers!
Big Big Thanks to all.
Love Grant.

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