Day 334: Weds 27 June 2016

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Get Out Of Here!:

My friend Nick Lau introduced me to Skram. It’s a new free app for making, in his words, Mindless Electronica. I love that description!

It’s another of those simple and rather limited but fun apps that I enjoy using from time to time. I also enjoy trying to work within and around their idiosyncrasies and limitations to try and make something that sounds like it’s mine and not just the product of the app. Not that I feel I’ve achieved that here; this is the very first thing I’ve made with the app the very first time I opened it. I’m posting it simply because it was fun to make and I hope will be fun to listen to, imperfect jam though it is.

Nick’s music is amazing by the way, he is one my favourite discoveries of the last year, and can be found here: and if you want to explore a more noise based approach here:

I ran the jam through the old AudioShare/ApeFilter/Dedalus secret sauce trick to finish it off.

Peace Out tracklings.



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