Day 351: Saturday 13 August 2016

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Becky (For What It’s Worth):

Something a bit different today, a track made entirely with guitar; though sifted through my iPad mania.

I recently got my beautiful 12 string electric guitar back after 2 years of separation and this is the result of our first play together. I haven’t changed the strings yet, and one broke as I tuned it up, I just plugged into my iPad with AudioShare and BiasFX and we got reacquainted for a while. It’s a little rough, you can hear how my hands aren’t used to this anymore but that imperfection lends a little charm, to my ears at least.

Anyway, I effected it with FLUX:FX, put it into Auria where I rearranged it a bit, then I did my little fav trick of slowing it down in TwistedWave before adding some occasional delay with AUFX:Dub.

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