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Day 331: Sunday 24 July 2016

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Searching For The Language Of Ultimate Clarity:

A Beatscape today; minimal, sparse, harsh, uncompromising.

The title is from Solshenitsyn’s In The First Circle which I am currently rereading in a new translation; it seems to me to encapsulate not only this track but my whole Beatscape concept where I am attempting to a) tell a story, b) describe a journey, c) present a picture, and/or d) evoke a feeling. All with the most minimal tools and with no, or at least very little, recourse to melody and harmony; relying instead on my favourite elements in music: rhythm, texture, and colour (timbre).

On a side note I often reread my favourite books (this is my 4th reading of this one) just as I re-watch favourite movies and TV shows and re-listen to favourite songs and albums and indeed re-visit favourite artworks in galleries or books. This surprises some people but I don’t understand why.

iElectribe provided the basis of this track assisted by AudioShare, ApeFilter, Dedalus, and AUFX:Dub.


Day 318: Monday 11 June 2016 [Day 12 Holiday]

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Explode With Me My Love:

A Noisescape that I made for a little change of pace. Actually it seems to end a little soon, perhaps it is part one of an extended piece…we’ll have to wait and see.

I began in Borderlands with two tracks that I had recorded earlier with my MicroBrute through BiasFX. The feedback sounds are from Dedalus. The drum bits were midi exported from DM1 to 8 seperate tracks in Auria and given to one of the inbuilt kits which were then treated with Caramel.


Day 314: Thursday 7 July 2016

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Slow Throb Asylum:

A Soundscape, part Dark Ambient, part Industrial. The name describes it well I think.

Xynthesizr, AudioShare, Dedalus, ApeFilter, Crystalline, TwistedWave, Auria, SynthQ.


Day 303: Sunday 26 June 2016

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Today I am indulging in a side of my music making that hasn’t got much of a look in on this blog recently. I am interested in exploring the boundaries and limits of what music is. Specifically I have been thinking about silence and about noise, about silence and sound, about noise and non-noise, about the place where all these things meet, and what they might say to each over a coffee or a beer.

I use Addictive Synth to make the noise, Auria to structure it, and Caramel and Dedalus for extra texture.

Peace Out Tracklings.



Day 295: Saturday 18 June 2016

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Nit Picking (for The Lord):

I have no idea what to call this one, I’m going with ‘Abstract Beatscape/Vocalscape’ but I’m not entirely sure if that’s right, though it’s an accurate enough description I suppose. Which is fine, we don’t have to cater to obsessive genre labelling now do we? We don’t want to hand the world over to the marketing people do we?

But I digress.

This piece revolves around the juxtaposition of two elements; each one simple but filled with subtle changes, each coming and going and sharing the space in semi-regular but subtly changing ways.

At 9 and a half minutes it’s a fairly long track but, for me, the small variations and unexpected fluctuations hold my interest throughout. Let me know what you think.

The beat was made with Patterning and FLUX:FX in AudioShare. The vocal was made with Samplr, FLUX:FX, Auria, and AudioShare. Both were made on different days a month or so ago and have been sitting in AudioShare awaiting their moment in the sun. Today I put them both into Auria and collaged/arranged them as you hear here. (hee hee I said ‘hear here’ hee hee)

Peace out tracklings.


Day 285: Weds 8 June 2016

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Languid Signal To Noise Ratio:

I’m presenting a Soundscape today.

If you’ve been following this journey with me you will remember that I began with many soundscapes but lately things have gone a different route. I’ve wanted to do a soundscape for days now but my attempts have been a little lame.

Today I nailed it 🙂

I began this in an inauspicious way (considering the final result) with Auxy which is geared towards a more EDM style (see yesterday). I did in fact make a piece that I liked very much in an Auxy style, then I rerecorded it at a much lower bpm and using only a few of the elements; into AudioShare with ApeFilter, Dedalus, and AUFX:Dub.

This I loaded into iDensity, into all 6 streams, and then played that into Dedalus at 0.25 Sampler Ratio in AudioShare with ApeFilter again.

It’s long… I guess it’s a big ask to think someone will listen to a 20 minute abstract track, especially in this short attention span world, but I personally think this piece needs to be that long so the listener can really enter the world I’m presenting and just BE in that world.

Anyway I hope you like it.


Day 270: Tuesday 24 May 2016

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Lost (The Longer):

Another Beatscape today, I’m really digging these at the moment.

A dark and forbidding, post apocalyptic track using Gadget which I simply jammed into AudioShare with Dedalus.


Day 251: Thursday 5 May 2016

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A Soundscape today using a long list of apps, here they are in order: LaunchPad, Dedalus, AudioShare, TwistedWave, Borderlands Granular, TwistedWave, AudioShare, ApeDelay, ApeFilter, Dedalus, Auria, AudioShare, SoundScaper.

As you can see there is often a lot of going backwards and forwards between apps over the course of a track. It also spanned over a month because it began on the 5th of April and was finished off today.


Day 250: Weds 4 May 2016

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Having A Nice Day…:

This posting daily thing is feeling a bit tough at the moment… I’m lacking inspiration and excitement.

I’ve also got no closer to working out what I want to do. There are so many elements in music and so many ways to make music that it can become overwhelming and confusing. I was hoping that this exercise would afford me some clarity but I find myself as confused and lost as ever.

Anyway, this an Abstract Soundscape (almost a Noisescape). Which I must admit is one off the ways of working, and conceiving sound, that I find most satisfying.

I used Patterning, FLUX:FX, TC-11 and Tera Synth for the sounds. AudioShare and Auria for the recording and arranging.


Day 248: Monday 2 May 2016

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Shelter From The Storm:

I have some Dark Ambient for your delectation today 🙂

I did a Shoom jam, then I did a Grain Science jam, then I combined them in Auria. Finally I loaded up iMaschine 2 with yesterday’s song still loaded, but with each channel muted, and I jammed along by un-muting and re-muting as I saw fit.

Well I had fun anyway.

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