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Day 247: Sunday 1 May 2016

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The Elephant In The Room:

A Noisescape today.

Made entirely with iMaschine 2 jammed into AudioShare with ApeFilter and Dedalus as effects, one take no edits.


Day 228: Tuesday 12 April 2016

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Alien Abduction:

This is a very abstract Soundscape. Quite abrasive and a little unrelenting.

It relates to yesterday’s post because it uses the same chair creaking sample, this time run through Dedalus then treated with AltiSpace and AUFX:Dub in AudioShare. Other elements come from Alchemy, Patterning, and Sector.


Day 226: Sunday 10 April 2016

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Auxiliary Trilogy:

You may have noticed that I like series; images and sounds and tracks that fit together to make a larger whole. Sometimes I present them in the form of a playlist and sometimes, as here, I fit them together in one track.

I’m not sure which is the best strategy. Perhaps it depends.

Anyway this is a Beatscape/Soundscape in three parts.

I began with Auxy, an app that I got some time ago but never tried. I’m sure my initial play only scratched the surface but I quickly got something that I liked, and you can’t ask more from an app than that ūüôā

I jammed into AudioShare by muting and triggering the parts, then did my fav trick of slowing it down in TwistedWave and effecting it with Dedalus. So I ended up with a track at 72 bpm which sounds like me. Cool.

But I was looking for something a little darker, a little harder. So I effected it with Muckraker and with Caramel to see which would give me the distorted edge that I was looking for. I liked both results so I loaded all three into Auria, panning each distorted version one left and one right and mixing them quite low so they provided a textural flavour without overwhelming the sound.

So far I was loving it¬†but felt¬†that the initial arrangement could be improved, so I did a little cutting and pasting. Once that was achieved I still felt it needed more darkness. Or perhaps abrasiveness is the word I’m looking for.

Earlier in the week I had used a flute sample by DJ Puzzle to make a drumbeat in Patterning which I feed into Grain Science and got some wonderful feedback like metallic-sheetmetal-on-the-chalkboard-of-your-soul kind of sounds, and I thought they would compliment this track. So I added them and cut/arranged them to suit.

Thus was finished Part One: Auxiliary.

I loved the combination of the feedback sounds so much that I felt they deserved a track of their own. I combined them and timestretched them to the same length. I felt they needed something else but wasn’t sure what, so I trawled my folders of sounds looking for a match and found a File that I had recorded last year using Thor.

Thus was finished Part Two: Ancillary.

Now, these two tracks obviously belonged together but they didn’t seem to be a complete thing so I went back to Part One and made a more compact, succinct version that I felt rounded out the story and the journey.

So if you are interested:

Part One: Auxiliary is 0.00-4.03

Part Two: Ancillary is 4.03-7.00

Part Three: Auxillary Reprise is 7.00-9.06

Thanks for your attention. Peace Out.


Day 216: Weds 30 March 2016

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Grace Under Fire:

An Abstract Beatscape.

Today I used Alchemy;¬†honestly every time I open this app I get a track. It’s so easy to use and inspiring.

I made two related pieces with some variations on sounds, and loaded both into Auria along with a track from iPulsaret that I made 2 days ago using an iMaschine file and effecting it with ApeFilter and Crystalline in AudioShare.


Day 197: Thurs 10 March 2016

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Someone To Trust:

An Abstract Soundscape with Spoken Word.

The drone section is from Shoom, the rest is from an iSpeech TTS file that I treated several times in AudioShare with AltiSpace and Flux:FX. All assembled as usual in Auria.

The Video:

I began by making several videos using FluidFX doing it’s thing to some abstract pics I had made in iColorama. I layered¬†some of them in VidBlend, then layered some¬†of those in Vjay. Next I assembled¬†some of these together in Pinnacle Pro arranging them¬†with the music, lyrics, blends etc. Then I processed that through CinemaFX to give a unified colour and texture, then through Generate. Finally I took these last two and blended them in Vjay.


Day 194: Monday 7 March 2016

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A Distillation:

An Abstract Beatscape/Soundscape.

For the music: Alchemy, Auria, Sector, TwistedWave, Caramel, Emo Chorus.

For the video: Pinnacle Pro, PicFrame, CinemaFXV, Fluid FX, Generate.



Day 185: Saturday 27 Feb 2016

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Icarus Revisited:

A Diptych today, of soundscapes. Woo Hoo two for one!

The first track is a combination of two sound files combined in Auria. The first a Sector treatment of an iDensity treatment of a Korg Module electric piano jam, while the second is a TwistedWave treatment of an iMaschine 2 drum beat.

The second track takes a small piece of that twisted drum beat and loops it, again in Auria, and then adds a slow piano. I just used the inbuilt Lyra sampler and layered an acoustic piano with an electric one.


Day 173: Monday 15 Feb 2016

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Keening For The Lost:

An Abstract Soundscape.

TC-11, Figure, Sparkle. Really loving how Sparkle allows me to generate these Soundscapes. Wish I’d tried it sooner.


Day 172: Sunday 14 Feb 2016

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Circumspect Circumstances:

An Abstract Soundscape.

Today I explored Sparkle by Apesoft, an app that I haven’t used before but always intended to explore. I haven’t read the manual or watched any vids, so I’m not really sure what it does but it takes two sounds and combines them in some way. Whatever it is I had great fun and immediately got several good results. Here I have combined two of those results: At first I loaded an earlier version of yesterday’s track into one slot (so that’s using Gadget) and a bassline from a Reggae sample CD into the other, then I used the Gadget file and a TC11 jam from a few weeks ago for the second play. I layered both in Auria and used AUFX:Peak to try and tame the lower end.


Day 153: Tuesday 26 Jan 2016

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My Clouded/Crowded Mind:

This Playlist is five tracks/one track, intended to be listened to in the above sequence. It/they are a combination of Ambient and Abstract Soundscapes which hopefully make for whole listening experience.

This has been building for a while; elements of these tracks where made today, yesterday, and last week.

The apps involved were: iDensity, Grain Science, Borderlands Granular, TC11, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, SilQ, Auria, AudioShare, TwistedWave, and (in a first for this blog, a non iPad app) Absynth 5. I did two jams on my MacBook and used Dropbox to transfer them to the iPad for inclusion in these sessions.

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