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Day 147: Weds 20 Jan 2016

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Today Is A Good Day (To Die):

An Abstract Soundscape.

Grain ScienceTwistedWaveAuria+iM1 is today’s formula ­čÖé


Day 141: Thursday 14 Jan 2016

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Irreducible Complexity:

A pure Beatscape today; chaotic and abstract. Nothing but drums were used.

Patterning was the drum machine at the heart of this but treated in various ways.

It was a complex build so I’m not going to try and describe my steps, there were so many. Sometimes I get lost in the moment and the hours just fly by in a blur and it becomes difficult or impossible to tease out the process.

Today’s helper apps were: Auria, AudioShare, TwistedWave, AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, Emo Chorus, LaunchPad, Borderlands Granular, Sector, and iDensity.


Day 128: Friday 1 Jan 2016

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The Worm Turns:

I’m ringing in the New Year with an Ambient Soundscape; there are abstract and beat elements, but that is I think the overall flavour.

iFretless Bass recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Dub and AUFX:Space provided the starting point for todays journey. I ran it through TwistedWave several times for slowing and lowering and trimming and reversing. Then I added it to Auria along with a beat I made using iMaschine and FLUX:FX.

iPulseret and iDensity also added some textures.

Happy New Year Trackers!


Day 115: Saturday 19 Dec 2015

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It Beats Me:

A Beatscape.

I began with DM1 and jammed it into AudioShare. Then I effected it with Reverb TFN and AUFX:Dub, and again with FLUX:FX before mixing them all in Auria. Finally I added two tracks of an abstract patch in Addictive Synth.


Day 92: Thursday 26 Nov 2015

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Metal Embryo:


Today’s track is the third of a trilogy which began with an AnalogKit drum beat recorded into AudioShare with AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, and Dedalus. Today I took a version of the beat which I had slowed by half in TwistedWave and ran it through: Altispace and Echo Pad, then just Altispace, then Altispace and Caramel. All four versions were loaded into Auria for panning and mixing. Next I added a piece from yesterdays post created with Soundscaper and TwistedWave (just the last few seconds), and some drum hits from a cool drum set in Alchemy.


Day 89: Monday 23 Nov 2015

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Directions: Enter Stage Left/Exit Stage Right:

Yes it’s a Dyptch of Beatscapes today.

Both were created in Patterning using the same drum kit, my own. Both were jammed into AudioShare with Dedalus. I love working this way; the composition is made by turning on and off individual parts, as well as altering elements within parts. So even though the kit is the same, each time you play it you improvise a new version.

Though I used the same kit in both tracks, as you can hear, I have altered the properties of some of the sounds as well as some of the patterns. Also Exit Stage Right has had a little judicious sprinkling of AUFX:Dub added; cause FUN.

Peace Out.


Day 87: Saturday 21 Nov 2015

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A Beatscape.

Two elements, one smooth and one chaotic, vie for attention…

I took the beat that I made yesterday in iMaschine 2, slowed it down and added more elements; a few more drum hits and a bassline. All within the app.

Then I recorded it to AudioShare while muting and unmoving parts to make a composition. Then I ran it through AUFX:Dub and then through Dedalus, both times manipulating the effect over the course of the track.

Finally I moved it to Auria so I could add an iDensity track to it. I felt it needed some more random element. Some of the iDensity didn’t really work so I cut out bits and moved things around and faded things in and out till I was happy.


Day 85: Thursday 19 Nov 2015

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The First Day:

An Abstract Beatscape.

I began today in AnalogKit with Stuart Kilbride’s Synthanator project, which I recorded into AudioShare with Dedalus and AUFX:Dub.

Then I popped it into Auria and added some beats that I had prepared earlier: First was one made using Diode-108, Frobulator, Dedalus, and AUFX:Space. Second one made using Borderlands Granular, Turnado, TwistedWave, and AUFX:PeakQ. Then a third that I can’t remember how I made.

This is another instance of me experimenting with throwing together different beats of random speeds and seeing how they interact; even the AnalogKit track has a rhythm from the LFO. The four rhythms interact in unpredictable but not chaotic ways, and some judicious arrangement brings out a feeling and a story. I think anyway.


Day 68: Monday 2 Nov 2015

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An Abstract Soundscape.

AnalogKit, Caramel, AltiSpace, ElasticDrums, AUFX:Dub, and Auria were all used today. May it please you.


Day 64: Thursday 29 Oct 2015

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Encroaching Winter:

Abstract Beatscape with bass.

Another play with Alchemy. This app just seems to click with me; I get something interesting going almost immediately. One track is a minimal beatscape, two are almost abstract synths, and one is a bassline. I loaded the jam into Auria and rearranged the ending a little.

The Video:

This was fun. Procreate is my favourite drawing/painting app and one of it’s features is the ability to save a movie of your changes as you create a piece. So today I drew some fairly random stuff, using only black and white, working backwards and forwards in layers. Then I saved it as a video, loaded it into Pinnacle Studio and slowed it WAY down. Then I ran it through CinemaFXV for texture, Generate for extra movement, back to Pinnacle for titles, and back to CinemaFXV for more texture.

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