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Day 58: Friday 23 Oct 2015

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Cafe Conundrum:

A Soundscape.

Todays track is my second play with the new app Fieldscaper.

While sitting in my favourite cafe I did three recordings of the ambient noise, one into each of the oscillators. I applied a different preset to each oscillator and recorded it into AudioShare while adjusting parameters. I then did it again but with AUFX:Space and AUFX:Dub in the effect chain. Next I reversed this file in Twisted Wave. And finally, now that I thought I’d got the hang of, I went for a new longer take.

Now I had four files, all variations of the same theme. I loaded all four into Auria for final arrangement.

The Video:

An artwork that I made with Procreate and iColorama was run through Generate three times using different filters, then all three plus the original were loaded into PicFrame. Then Pinnacle Studio for the arrangement and finally CinemaFXV twice for the textures.



Day 49: Weds 14 Oct 2015

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Beating Against The Cliffs:

A Soundscape.

Today a short break from my Fugue Machine Project, that is still progressing, but I’m working on a number of things at a time.

So this is a track that began in AnalogKit with a Drum Sequencer made by the very talented Clif Johnston of Apptronica Labs.

Check out his projects in the Swap Meet if you have AnalogKit.

Also check out his music at mood481; and indeed have a look at the Apptronica label for a look at some of the best iPad and iPhone musicians on the planet.

After recording a jam into AudioShare, I selected the best bit (the last third), and transferred that into Auria where I added some files from Hexaglypics, did some chopping and arranging and voila!


Day 28: Weds 23 Sept 2015

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An Abstract Beatscape.

iMPC Pro for the drums recorded with Dedalus. I haven’t used iMPC Pro much and it seemed to glitch occasionally so I’m not sure if I’ll used it much. It’s got some great sounds tho.

It was a slow and almost abstract sounding beat, so I added two abstract sounding files I had prepared earlier: one from Borderlands Granular, and one from iDensity.


People have asked about the videos so I’ll start leaving notes about those too.

I made a series of pics in PicFrame, loaded those along with the song file into Pinnacle Studio (which is my main video app). Then it was just a case of arranging, adding some choice transitions here and there, adding the titles etc, and bob’s your proverbial.


Day 18: Sunday 13 Sept 2015

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Abstract Soundscape with vocal snippets.

An abstract jam done in Cyclops Through Audioshare with AUFX:Space, Dedalus, and AUFX:Dub.

Added another Cyclops jam with AUFX:Dub slowed in TwistedWave.

Added parts of a poem done in iSpeech TTS.


Day 16: Friday 11 Sept 2015

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Manta Mantra:

An Ambient Beatscape.

Diode-108, TwistedWave, Microbrute, ToneStack, iMashine, Addictive Synth, Audioshare, Auria.


Day 14: Wednesday 9 Sept 2015

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Old Habits:

An Abstract Beatscape with Vocals.

A poem fed into iSpeech TTs three times with three different voices, Sector, and iMascine.


Day 13: Tuesday 8 Sept 2015

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Francis (Loses Out):

An Abstract Beatscape.

Guitar recorded into Audioshare through ToneStack.

DrumPerfect through Auduishare with AUFX:Space, Caramel, AUFX:Dub, and Dedalus. Then slowed in TwistedWave.

Sector, AUFX:Dub, DFX, and WretchUp.


All assembled in Auria.


Day 11: Sunday 6 Sept 2015

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Peace Out: (An Abstract Ambient Narration In Two Parts)

An Abstract Soundscape in part one becomes an Ambient Beatscape in part two.

Alchemy recorded into Audioshare and slowed by 70% in TwistedWave.

Three more tracks of Alchemy recorded into Auria.

Cyclop and iDensity for the more abstract sounds.




Day 3: Saturday 29 Aug 2015

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An Abstract Soundscape.

I used Soundscaper, TwistedWave, Auria, and AudioShare.


Day 1: Thursday 27 Aug 2015

Abstract, Beatscape, Tracks, Videos No Comment


An Abstract Beatscape I made on the iPad.

I used Diode-108, Addictive Synth, and Soundscaper. Assembled in Auria.

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