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Day 261: Sunday 16 May 2016

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An Ambient Beatscape made entirely in Gadget; jammed into AudioShare with Dedalus.


Day 254: Sunday 8 May 2016

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In The Box:

Hello trackers, today I have done a quick and cheerful Ambient piece using Gadget an app that I have used only a few times and haven’t really got to know yet. Nonetheless I quickly got something that I liked out of it which I jammed into AudioShare. Actually I did two versions one long and one short but I used the shorter one because I didn’t want to try your patience.

I loaded it into Auria added a BeatMaker 2 snippet that I had lying around and an electric piano jam from Module that I likewise had lying around awaiting it’s moment in the sun.

I had more plans for this piece but it just seemed finished at this point so I left it here.


Day 248: Monday 2 May 2016

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Shelter From The Storm:

I have some Dark Ambient for your delectation today 🙂

I did a Shoom jam, then I did a Grain Science jam, then I combined them in Auria. Finally I loaded up iMaschine 2 with yesterday’s song still loaded, but with each channel muted, and I jammed along by un-muting and re-muting as I saw fit.

Well I had fun anyway.


Day 244: Thursday 28 April 2016

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A treat for you today, three tracks in one! In fact I’m so happy with today’s work that I may release it as an EP; the tracks are so different but they make up a greater whole.

That’s my thought and my hope anyway 🙂

Part One…is an Ambient piece made with Shoom, iMaschine 2, and Auria.

Part Two…is a Vocalscape based around a poem that I read into AudioShare before running it through: Borderlands Granular, Sector, and Samplr. Each resulting file was added to Auria for arranging along with an abstract jam that I made in Addictive Synth.

Part Three…has three tracks of guitar played into Auria using BiasFX along with a track of drums from Patterning and some effecting from FLUX:FX.

It’s funny how things work sometimes. I have had this poem sitting around for a couple of months waiting for a place to use it and this morning after I had made first the ambient and then the guitar pieces, I just ‘knew’ that a vocalscape made from it would fit in the middle and tie everything together.

Hope you like it.


Day 242: Weds 27 April 2016

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Keep Calm:

An Ambient Beatscape.

A new beat in iSpark began this piece, I recorded it once into AudioShare straight and again while playing with the repeat feature, then I put both into Auria and did some cutting up and arranging.

I tried to do some vocals using AudioShare and FLUX:FX but for some reason there was no sound though the meter was working, so I sang ‘Why is there no sound’ just to see if it worked. It did but if I couldn’t monitor as I sang it wasn’t really any use to me. So just for fun I loaded what I had into Samplr and had a play recording the result into AudioShare and loading it into the Auria project for some more arranging. Finally I added some grain synthesis ambient goodness from Grain Science and Sparkle.


Day 239: Saturday 23 April 2016

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Visiting Circe:

A soundscape.

I used Grain Science and Borderlands Granular for this, assembled in Auria.


Day 237: Thursday 21 April 2016

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Taking It Easy (A History In Four Parts):

An Ambient Beatscape.

Today I used primarily Alchemy.

I made a project and jammed it into AudioShare three times liking the third one best. I loaded that into Sector and ran it through three different projects, recording each into AudioShare.

Now I had a vision of how I wanted the track to be so I trimmed a drum free segment out of the first file and I looped it, again in AudioShare, with ApeDelay and Dedalus.

Finally I had assembled all the parts I needed. So, it was into Auria with them all for some cutting and pasting and deleting and arranging.


Day 233: Saturday 17 April 2016

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Breaking My Shackles (With A Whisper):

An Ambient piece today. A simple almost minimal meditation on melancholy.

Two jams with Shoom combined in Auria along with two jams in Alchemy.

I’ve always enjoyed minimalism, in art as well as in music. The baroque annoys me with it’s obsessive busyness. My most profound experience of Art was standing in a room of Rothko’s; and Eno’s work has always attracted me, as have many of the ideas centred around Zen and the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

There are many ways to express and experience minimalism, and I have been thinking about and experimenting with the concept lately. Whether it be in shorter simpler pieces, or the more frequent use of silence, or the use of fewer elements.


Day 229: Weds 13 April 2016

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The Straight Way Lost:

Another multipart track today. An Ambient/Beatscape/Soundscape in 4 parts:

Intro: 0.00-1.04 Ambient

Beat One: 1.04-3.58 Beatscape at 120 bpm

Interlude: 3.58-7.21 Ambient

Beat Two: 7.21-10.52 Beatscape 100 bpm

I used iMaschine 2 and Sector for the beats. Shoom, Grain Science, Caramel, and Dedalus for the Ambient parts. All arranged etc in Auria as usual with, AudioShare helping here and there.


Day 222: Weds 6 April 2016

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Jason’s Magic Flute (The Cast Assembles):

The story of Jason’s flute sample continues. DJ Puzzle supplied a sample of himself playing the Bansuri flute and I’m seeing what I can make of it.

In this track I’ve loaded the sample into Patterning for some manipulation and beat making, I’ve also revisited yesterday’s iSpark beat but added some more to it. I recorded both into Auria at the same time while muting/unmuting parts of iSpark and playing some sounds manually.

I had previously recorded the Patterning beat into AudioShare with Dedalus while doing the muting/unmuting thing, and I loaded this file into Grain Science and got an almost metallic feedback sound that I adore. I ran it through TwistedWave to slow it and add a little more texture, then added it to the Auria project. A little cutting and arranging completed the composition.


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