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Day 83: Tuesday 17 Nov 2015

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Mr Black’s Rude Awakening:

I began todays track in the same way as yesterday by working with Nick Lau’s Drum TX project in AnalogKit. I programmed a variation on yesterdays beat and recorded it twice to AudioShare with AUFX:Space; each time with different settings.

Both went into Auria and were panned. The next step also echoed yesterday; I added a kick drum from Patterning for emphasis. The third step too; I added the clashy klangy preset sound that I made in Addictive Synth yesterday.

I finally moved in a new direction by programming an arpeggio in Addictive Synth and recording it twice with different presets that I had made earlier.

And last but not least I recorded myself reciting a line from the 1963 film A Comedy Of Terrors.

I had fun 🙂


Day 82: Monday 16 Nov 2015

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It’s A Modern Condition:

Two movements; one a Beatscape, the other Ambient.

I began in AnalogKit with Nick Lau’s DrumXT, I added a beat from Patterning, a bassline from Addictive Synth, a crash sound also from Addictive Synth, and a drone from Poseidon.

A big thank you to Trudi for her review 😉

“A track in two movements. Opposites. Depicting the dichotomy of the human condition in the 21st Century; mired in the urban decay that the modern (post)industrial lifestyle spawns, we nevertheless yearn for a peace and tranquility that, alas, is available to few.” Trudi McBoody, Station FCKU Art Attack.


Day 80: Saturday 14 Nov 2015

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A beat, a bass line… something melodic.


So I’m talkin’ iMaschine 2, Dedalus, AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, iSem, Poseidon.

That’s all you get!






Day 78: Thursday 12 Nov 2015

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On Your Way:

There’s drums…there’s droney soundscapey stuff…oh and I’m ‘singing’ again…

I began this track in Auria by recording a Patterning beat, a drone from Addictive Synth, and then singing this old lyric. It needed more so I added another Patterning drumbeat. Still not happy I added 4 tracks of Poseidon drones that I had made last night and this morning.

I then added Sector and Reverb FDN to AudioShare‘s recorder and imported the file of my singing into Sector. I recorded a few takes but only liked a few bits, so I cut them out and added them to Auria. I also cut out one line of the vocal, slowed it and pitched it down a fifth in TwistedWave, and added it.

Now for a very important part of my workflow, I gave it to my Wonderful Wife for a trial listening…and after her comments I removed the Addictive Synth drone entirely and thinned out the others; thus opening up some breathing space. Big improvement!

I hope you like it.

Peace Out.



Day 77: Weds 11 Nov 2015

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Oh oh more singing!

I don’i know what genre to use to describe this one. It’s got a synth arp and vocals, so in my book that makes it pop 🙂 Or Electronic Pop…or something. Give me your opinions please.

I began by playing in Addictive Synth until I came up with this arpeggio which I recorded into AudioShare with my ‘special secret sauce’ i.e. Dedalus, AUFX:Space, and AUFX:Dub, then I moved it to Auria.

Next I made a simple drum beat in DM1 at half the bpm of the arp and recorded it into AudioShare with the Secret Sauce. It seemed a little straight so I added another DM1 beat at the full bpm with just high hats that I blended in at low volume.

I still wasn’t happy with the drums so I loaded up DrumJam and recorded an African beat while hitting some snare here and there. Then I did it again with a different beat.

Okay, so far so good.

I’ve had this little lyric lying around for getting on to two decades, intending to turn it into a song; but somehow it never happened. It’s been living in my head for the last week or two, and I’ve been hoping to find a place for it. Today was the day!

I spoke and sang it straight into Auria using my headphone mike. To my ear it sounds like I’ve sung it with a slight english accent, I’m not sure why that is.

Anyhoo…enjoy 🙂


Day 76: Tuesday 10 Nov 2015

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My Love (For Lene):

I’m singing acappella on this one. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

A love declaration for my wife.

I began by singing straight into the iPad, recording in AudioShare. Then I processed it through Turnado for a little glitching. Both files were then added to Auria and I recorded an arpeggio patch that I made yesterday in Addictive Synth. Next I turned to DM1 where I made a very simple beat at the same bpm as the arpeggio, looped it in AudioShare with Reverb FDN and AUFX:Dub and added it in the mix. Lots of arranging followed till you get what you get 🙂


Day 75: Monday 9 Nov 2015

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Three Friends Arguing While Dancing The Tarantella:

A Beatscape. Lighthearted fun and quirky. Not something you get from me everyday 🙂

Like Day 66, this is the result of throwing some different beats and timings together and seeing what happens.

I began with DFX an interesting effects app that hasn’t seen much action lately as I haven’t been able to get it to work in AudioShare for a while.

Still no go…even after deleting and reinstalling, butI found that I could import from iTunes so I loaded in a drum file from an old playlist I have there (unfortunately it’s from last year before I began keeping a work diary so I have no idea what app I used to make it), and processed it. Next I loaded another beat, this time from a pack I downloaded (again it’s so long ago I’ve lost the details), and processed that differently.

Without paying attention to beats per minute, or feel, I threw them at each other in Auria. It kind of worked but it felt like an argument; one was quirky and fun, the other aggressive and bossy.

For some reason I was reminded of a file I made a while ago using Dedalus, AnalogKit, and Turnado; which I had cut up into pieces.

I found it and loaded one piece into Auria and tried to arrange the three so it made some sense. This file seemed to be the friend who was trying to reconcile the other two and then got caught up in the argument 🙂

I wish I could do animations (it’s on my list ok!) because I can just visualise how it would be.

Peace Out



Day 73: Saturday 6 Nov 2015

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Programmed To..

An Ambient Soundscape. (I think)

Sunrizer, Dedalus, Emo Chorus, FLUX:FX, Konpressor, Auria, TC11, Xenon, AudioShare, Xynthsesizr, Argon, AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, ApeDelay.

You know it’s been a hard day when you just get a list of apps.

I’m tired…Goodnight World.


Day 71: Thursday 5 Nov 2015

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Into The Long Dusk:

I guess it’s a Soundscape; there is some guitar and some bass, but I still think they exist within the Soundscape rather than making it something else. Any thoughts?

Today I began with iPulseret, a great granular app; but as I built up elements around that beginning, the whole thing moved in another direction and I eventually had to remove the initial framework. It’s funny how it sometimes works that way.

I used a guitar file from an abandoned project recorded with ToneStack, then I added two Soundscaper tracks and two CubeSynth tracks, and finally I added a sparse bassline with iFretless. It was a mess.

But when I removed the iPulseret tracks (thanks to some great advice from my amazing wife Lene) the whole thing suddenly swam into focus, and just needed a few tweaks to finish off.

I still love those IPulseret tracks by the way, maybe I’ll start with them again tomorrow and see what happens.


Day 69: Tuesday 3 Nov 2015

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Needless To Say:

Beatscape with vocals.

Experimenting with iMPC Pro today, I bought it as soon as it came out but haven’t come to grips with it. I still haven’t, but I got something anyway.

As I was fumbling around trying to figure things out I made a mistake and ended up with this weird beat. Which I then looped in AudioShare with Dedalus and AUFX:Dub. [Cause I was sick of not knowing what was going in :)]

Then into Auria where I added some finger clicks, recorded through Amplitude, some MitoSynth droneness, me saying some stuff, and two tracks of Soundscaper.

Then it was back to the real world of cleaning dishes, cleaning clothes, taking out the rubbish, sweeping, cooking, walking the dog, and driving son and wife to and from work.

You know the important daily stuff that we all need to do.

So ‘Needless To Say’ here’s cheers to finding and maintaining our balance between the important stuff and the important stuff 🙂

Peace Out.

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