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Day 353: Monday 15 August 2016

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Fiat Ad Nauseam:

It’s a Bilbao fest in Gadget today, six instances in fact, three loaded with my own samples. With 10 tracks and 11 scenes it’s about as complicated as I get 🙂

No other apps were used. Great fun was had.


Day 352: Sunday 14 August 2016

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Silent Sound – featuring Trudi McBoody:

Another Gadget foray into the land of beats and bass, this time with a little spoken word thrown in thanks to the ever fictional Trudi McBoody.

Most sounds were made in Gadget, though today I used iFretless Bass as a midi controller to record the second bass line. I added a little AUFX:Dub in AudioShare before I decided to try that second bass, so I exported just that track and used Auria to mix the two parts together.

Then I felt it needed some words so I called in Trudi. In the form of iSpeech TTS and TwistedWave.


Day 346: Monday 8 August 2016

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A simple little unassuming piece of electronica today.

Gadget was where it all began but I also used AudioShare and FLUX:FX to mess it up before moving things to Auria for mixing and arranging,. Then I added a Patterning beat, then another, before finally rearranging everything as you hear.


Day 343: Friday 5 August 2016

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Megatron Bitemiester:

This one has an angry feel, hence the artwork to match 😉

I used a slightly different process today; recording my MicroBrute into AudioShare via BiasFX. It’s a simple arpeggio that I played with the sequencer while adjusting settings. I then added some drums.

AudioShare, BiasFX, TwistedWave, Auria, DM1, Caramel.


Day 340: Tuesday 2 August 2016

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Another minimal piece.

This time a relentlessly simple (hence the title) beat from Patterning is overlaid with an equally simple electric piano bass line which is echoed by simple chord voicings. Korg’s Module is the piano app.


Day 339: Monday 1 August 2016

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Eating A PreMade Loop Sandwich; Shitting Out Gold:

Sorry about the cheeky title 🙂

I do on occasion post a track that comes from a loop type app where all I’m basically doing is arranging pre-made loops. Now some people object to this on the grounds that it’s not fully your’s, and I agree. I am most proud of and I strive to achieve tracks that are fully representative of my vision (that sounds pretentious) and my life. However…I’m not of a purist disposition, I enjoy playing with these apps and especially if I can give it my spin, make it feel like it belongs in my oeuvre, then I have no problem joining in and seeing what I do.

Anyway I did that today with an app I just heard about Remixlive. It comes with some free sound packs and then you can buy more as IAPs as well as an IAP to import your own loops where of course the objections I covered earlier cease to apply. However I have yet to delve into the IAPs and just used the free Dubstep sound set here. I jammed this arrangement, exported it to AudioShare then to Dedalus where I ran it at 0.70 sampler ratio which slowed the 140 bpm to 98 (more in my zone) and also lowers the pitch and stretches the samples. Finally back in AudioShare I treated it with AUFX:Dub to give the regularly occuring snare delay.

I must say that despite the fact that I had nothing to do with the making of the sounds or the loops I feel that I have made this my own. On top of the fact that I had a great time making it.

I guess I’m saying that even though I have the skills to make everything from scratch, I don’t feel that I have to that all the time. Music, like life, exists on a spectrum (in fact it’s a multidimensional spectrum) and I see no reason to artificially limit my participation.

Rant over. I hope you enjoy the sounds 🙂


Day 338: Sunday 31 July 2106

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A slightly off beat and abstract track today made in Gadget but using primarily my own samples loaded in to Abu Dhabi and Bilbao. Only the electric piano is from other Gadgets; I made that with a combination of two Montreals and two Darwins. No other apps were used, just Gadget.

The video was made with Fluid FX, Pinnacle Pro, and CinemaFXV.


Day 334: Weds 27 June 2016

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Get Out Of Here!:

My friend Nick Lau introduced me to Skram. It’s a new free app for making, in his words, Mindless Electronica. I love that description!

It’s another of those simple and rather limited but fun apps that I enjoy using from time to time. I also enjoy trying to work within and around their idiosyncrasies and limitations to try and make something that sounds like it’s mine and not just the product of the app. Not that I feel I’ve achieved that here; this is the very first thing I’ve made with the app the very first time I opened it. I’m posting it simply because it was fun to make and I hope will be fun to listen to, imperfect jam though it is.

Nick’s music is amazing by the way, he is one my favourite discoveries of the last year, and can be found here: and if you want to explore a more noise based approach here:

I ran the jam through the old AudioShare/ApeFilter/Dedalus secret sauce trick to finish it off.

Peace Out tracklings.




Day 333: Tuesday 26 July 2016

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Mousterian Renaissance:

A slow, sparse, and minimal (so what else is new) conversation between an electric piano and a beat. Each part evolves slowly as they listen to each other over a cappuccino in a quiet middle paleolithic cafe.

Nothing but Gadget was used and no animals were harmed in the production of this track.


Day 332: Monday 25 July 2016

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The Antihero Relaxes By The Fire After A Hard Day Antiheroing:

The electric piano is emerging as my favourite sound lately. It began featuring as an element in several tracks and is slowly becoming the main compositional and sound factor. I’ve always favoured it and it occasionally has featured in this blog before but the current fascination has surprised me; arising of it’s own accord from within the daily process, and perhaps therefore from my subconscious.

One of the reasons for maintaining a daily practise is to allow room for just such happenings, so I’m joyfully embracing the moment despite the fact that my keyboard skills are limited.

Gadget was the one and only app used here but I have now used my midi keyboard to play the piano part which leads to very different results from just using the touch screen.

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