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Day 278: Weds 1 June 2016

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The Disconnect Foundation:

Today I left my comfort zone and made sort of dance track. EDM I believe is the umbrella term.

I continued with my exploration of Gadget and decided to leave it at it’s default 128 bpm instead of slowing it down to my preferred speeds, it’s mostly about loopy dance styles so instead of subverting the paradigm I thought I’d run with it.

The sounds and loops are from Gadget but I exported to Auria for the final arranging, I find that easier and more versatile.

Hmm only two apps, that’s getting pretty low for me. Though I did make 6 tracks in Gadget: two instances of London, two of Bilbao, and one each of Chicago and Amsterdam.



Day 268: Sunday 22 May 2016

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Midnight In The Garden Of Goods & Weevils:

A very slow DM2 groove started off today’s track. I ran it through Dedalus three times with different settings and combined them in Auria. Then I added the bass arpeggio from Addictive Synth, and the higher arpeggios (variations of the first) also using Addictive Synth.

Actually that summary doesn’t give justice to my struggles today. A fact that I was contemplating about yesterday’s post which represented only a small portion of the day’s work.

Yesterday I worked for hours on a piece that just never quite got there, giving up and turning to iMaschine at the end of the day. Today I struggled with apps quitting and losing sound, and having to do restarts and standing-on-my-head-holding-my-mouth-the-right-way before I finally got things working.



Day 266: Friday 20 May 2016

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Giving Birth In A Car Park (To The Melodious Sound Of Jackhammers And Cranes):

A slightly strange, quirky little Beatscape.

I had no idea how this would turn out but I guess that’s true of everything that I do.

I began by trying to figure out DM2 a little more (which I did), recorded the ‘song’ from there into AudioShare with FLUX:FX and Emo Chorus, put that into Auria, combined it with a few Poseidon arps and a recording of me saying ‘huh’, and that was about it 🙂

It took all day (between doing family and life stuff) and gives an unexpected result. But I’m quite happy with that.


Day 258: Thursday 12 May 2016

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Maschine A Day #9:

Just iMaschine 2 today jammed into AudioShare.

Another busy day with my energies being required by life and not fully available for the musics, so I turned to iMaschine for a quick music fix and sure enough…


Day 255: Monday 9 May 2016

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I’m finding it very difficult to allocate time for track making at the moment. I can grab small amounts; 10 minutes here, 20 minutes there, a half hour, an hour at best. But this just isn’t enough to really dig into the music and make discoveries and pull something interesting out. I find that a 2 or 2-and-a-half hour block of time is the bare minimum for the creativity to have a chance to get firing, and preferably another similar sized block of time following a small break, and preferably a third a little later.

But even though I can’t dive deep (please excuse the mixed metaphors) on these busy days, I can always visit iMaschine or Alchemy and quickly get something. In fact I find it amazing just how quickly I can get results by playing around with these two apps.

I’m sure that other apps are every bit as good for this quick throwing together of stuff. But I haven’t had the time to explore them all properly: BeatHawk, Gadget, and iMPC Pro come immediately to mind out of the ones that I own.

Today’s track is from iMaschine. Assembled across 3 blocks of time through the day; 2 blocks of maybe 10 then 20 minutes to make the beat. Then another 20 minute block to jam it into AudioShare and assemble the pieces in Auria for extra arranging and adding a touch of Dedalus.

Of course improvements and refinements could be made but there is a pleasure to this quick way of working.

I hope the results can give pleasure too.

Peace out.


Day 249: Tuesday 3 May 2016

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Frosted Taters:

An iMaschine jam with a little AUFX:Dub for good measure.


Day 246: Saturday 30 April 2016

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Kaos Jam #8:

Just before I began this ‘Year Of Posting’ I did a short series of videos/tracks which I called Electronica Snippets based around either iKaossilator or Figure. A little similar in concept to yesterday’s post from Alchemy except that these two apps are simpler, almost toy like, though I know fans of these apps will not like my saying so. Apologies iKaossilatorettes and Figureistas, I do enjoy using these apps honestly. In fact I relish the challenge of getting something out of them that I like.

Anyway the idea was to make a song in the app and jam it into AudioShare, often using effects to get a little more sonic variation.

Today’s track fits right into this series using as it does iKaossilator, AudioShare, and Dedalus.

Here is a link to the series if you are interested :

The Video:

Some of my usual apps on display again today: Fluid FX, Pinnacle Studio, Generate, and CinemaFX.


Day 245: Friday 29 April 2016

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Alchemy A Day #4:

Some kind of slow and funky electronica today. Specific genre unknown. If you know give me a shout.

I have began making a series of quick and dirty tracks in both Alchemy and iMaschine. Both apps have four channels or tracks or sounds to work with and I find that plenty, and both apps I find easy and fun to play with and I almost always get something worth while from the fun. I have some other similar apps and will probably expand the idea to them. But the idea is that I play with the app and record whatever comes out, then just accept that and leave it. No moving it to other apps and effecting it and using one hundred apps to build an idea (though of course I love doing that). Just one app, one project/file, one jam into AudioShare, and move on. Simple, fast, and dirty.

Well it’s one way to work anyway 🙂

So I’m calling them ‘Alchemy A Day’ and ‘iMachine A Day’ (not that I’m committing to do one every day mind) and this the fourth of the Alchemy series.


Day 232: Saturday 16 April 2016

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The Choreography Of Precipitation:

Addictive Synth, AudioShare, Auria, iMaschine 2, TwistedWave, Muckraker, DFX, FLUX:FX. Not necessarily in that order.


Day 223: Thursday 7 April 2016

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Leviathan Letting Go:

Today I have done something that I don’t often do; I have used some loops from a loop pack. Specifically from a LaunchPad pack. I personally feel that my music is more authentically mine if I make my own sounds so i’m uncomfortable using other peoples loops, however I do have a few packs and I do enjoy playing with them in apps like LaunchPad, particularly if I can do something unusual with them.

Anyway I was messing around yesterday and recorded a jam/mix that I enjoyed, so today I loaded it into Auria and added some of my own sounds and beats and came up with this track which I quite enjoy. I hope you do too.

First the initial Launchpad jam was treated with Dedalus, then I added some iSpark and two tracks from Patterning.

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