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Day 209: Weds 23 March 2016

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I’m not sure what to call this one, perhaps the generic term Electronica will suffice.

The various synth arpeggios are from Nave, one patch played 4 times in different octaves. The beat is from Patterning, one simple beat recorded three times with different drum kits. Arranged and mixed in Auria.

I have been drawn more and more to minimalism lately. This is an example of that.


Day 203: Weds 16 March 2016

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Community Announcement:

A silly, fun little piece of electro poppiness, quiet but insistent.

All the sounds in this are from MitoSynth arranged in Auria. Simple but fun.

The Video:

Sometimes (or maybe I should say often), my vids are an accompaniment to the music, a fun after thought not necessarily intimately related. But I do enjoy it when, like this one the visuals and the music join together to make a greater whole. 

I filmed myself dancing with Imaengine, pieced it together in Pinnacle Pro, and processed it with CinemaFXV.

Wow, more video apps than music ones; that’s a new one for me I think 🙂



Day 193: Sunday 6 March 2016

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Following on from yesterday’s uncharacteristically fast and jolly dance track, here is another, this one even faster. At least the first part is, about two thirds of the way in I segue to a slower version of the same beat, which has a very different character.

iSpark was the drum machine app again today, I have been enjoying it very much all week. The synth sound is from Poseidon and the bass from iFretless Bass. That’s it really, a deceptively simple track.


Day 192: Saturday 5 March 2016

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Seldom If Ever:

Unusually for me this is an upbeat and fun piece of EDM. Exact genre unknown.

Arturia’s iSpark on drums, Poseidon on arpeggio, me on vocals, all into Auria for arrangement.

Most of my stuff is slow and dark, so I thought I’d try something a little different 🙂


Day 176: Thursday 18 Feb

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DoubleU DoubleU DoubleU Dot Alone:

Again this is one that I have trouble placing in one of my little genre holes.

This began with that slow bass arpeggio in Poseidon, which I put into Auria and then added a simple beat using Patterning. I then did my usual trick of adding some interest to the simple drums by adding two more tracks of it with different sounds and slight variations, and then arranging those.

I then came up with a simple melody using a layer of Poseidon, a Cello from ThumbJam, and an Oboe from ThumbJam; they sounded like an Erdu to me and that affected the melody very strongly.

I then added another two tracks of Poseidon; one of drum hits and one for the intro.


Day 163: Friday 5 Feb 2016

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When One Door…:

Is it a Beatscape? A Soundscape? Ambient? Or something else? You tell me (probably fictional) listeners 🙂

Auria, Patterning, AudioShare, TwistedWave, BeatMaker 2, Dedalus, AUFX:Dub, Emo Chorus, Altispace, Sector, Korg Module…four bottles of stout and a homemade pizza.


Day 157: Saturday 30 Jan 2016

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Once Upon A Time:

I’m not sure how to classify today’s track, some sort of electronica, that’s the best I can do. Any suggestions anyone?

It’s a whimsical piece anyway, fun, slightly silly.

Only three apps were used to make this; it all takes place within Auria, the beat is from Patterning, and all the other sounds are from Poseidon which is fast becoming one of my favourite synths.

I began with the bell-like tinkling arpeggio and built up from there adding sounds and arranging as I went.


Day 113: Thursday 17 Dec

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Quiet Joy:

A happy little arpeggiated electronica thingy 😃

A very simple little piece today, I had intended to do more with it but somehow it just seemed to exist in it’s own pleasant world, so I let it be.

The arp was done in Addictive Synth and I added three tracks of drums in Auria: one by DM1, one by Patterning, and one by iMaschine 2.

Simple but fun.


Day 109: Sunday 13 Dec 2015

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A slow piece of electronica with Spoken Word.

Figure was the start of this; I made an 8 bar piece at 80 bpm and reversed it with TwistedWave before taking both into Auria and arranging the pieces. I effected some parts with Dedalus, and some with Emo Chorus. I also took a drums only version of the Figure file and arranged that along the timeline.

So far it sounded fine, but I must admit I find using apps like Figure and iKaossilator a little difficult, they are fun but the results tend towards an EDM thing that gets just a little too poppy for my tastes. I need to tweak things for a darker vibe I guess. And if you’ve been following my posts you may well guess what I did next, that’s right…

‘If in doubt, Slow it down’.

It was already quite slow at 80 bpm but I slowed it by 80% in TwistedWave giving a bpm of 56, not to mention a slight robotic tinge as an artefact of the algorithm, which I love.

I opened a new project in Auria, imported this new file, and added a file of me reading a poem which I had recorded into AudioShare. I felt I had read it a little fast for this context so I slowed it 90% which gave it a better feel. Finally I did a little arranging.


Day 98: Weds 2 Dec 2015

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The Triumph Of Enthusiasm Over The Grey Bunny Rabbit Of Despair:

I think I may have made some sort of Electro Pop track…please forgive me (wrings hands and weeps).

My fellow perpetrators in this crime against musically were: ElasticDrums, TwistedWave, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:Space, Figure, FLUX:FX, Addictive Synth, AudioShare, Auria.

May The Gods have mercy on our souls…

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